Monday, 3 June 2013

Title is title

Well well well. 
Night Owl Cinematic had a shoot last Saturday at South Bank,a client's place. But we N.O.C shot something for ourselves too! And for your eyes to feast.

Here are all the photos taken behind the scenes before the shoot. All those prep works and make up done, it was more relaxing because we had tables chairs a nice place to relax rather then our other shoots moving from a place to another. heh.

There is Clara, helping us with our makeup making us look stunning during shoots! Wish i could do such make up in my everyday life, way too pro,hah.
Look at the mess all of us created. There were some photoshoots of models going on at the same time too. 

Heres our Hokkien man, Mr Wong and those three models. Ahh lucky man. 

Sikeen is back with us again! 
Here the trio Sikeen Nina And Mr Wong!

Well, I met Ziyi thereLeft in orange, if you're wondering who she is, shes my team mate, we used to skate together. 
And DanKhoo, a producer/director of Dankhoo Productions on Youtube, from Malaysia. Hes been in Singapore for a month now to have collabs with Singapore youtubers. And yea me in the middle halfway munching thru my snack.

 Here is our dear clara also known as dblchin on facebook,aka our MUA, acting as Carisma , as a Filipino maid whose bf left her. hahaha!This maid got purple hair,stylo much. 

Mr Husband and wife, Producer director for NOC! 

Lastly, the most priceless photos of the day. Who is sexier? Sikeen or Nina? Mwahahah, The rest of the photos can be found at

Well, those are the pictures for an upcoming video in the future.So if you wna see how singaporeans are like in singapore, stay tune for our next video!

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Meanwhile, watch this, our latest!

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