Friday, 23 August 2013


The spot was empty. Empty but not void . Void is when there is absolute nothing there and nothing is natural, a complete vacuum. But empty-with empty, you are aware of whats supposed to be there.

Empty means something is missing.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Prawn Noodles

I've been really busy with work,therefore neglecting this little space of mine, be it facebook.Had the time today so i tried cooking Prawn Noodles for the family and relatives. Well, first time, turned out a success *self praise* Mwhahah. . I'll just summarize what i did here now. My bad i did not measure the amount of ingredients i used so i can't put it down sorry :p But it depends on how many portions you are cooking for just estimate,not that hard!  

Everything im gna mention is what i did to achieve the end product. There are many other ways to do it too!

What you need
Yellow noodles
Pork ribs
Prawns-deveined,shell off,used for stock making.(I used 1kg of prawns)
Ikan Billis (dried anchovies)
Shallots sliced
brown sugar
Chopped Garlic
1 star anise 
black peppercorn
dark/light soy sauce
salt to taste
pepper to taste

1) Pre blanched Pork ribs set aside to remove impurities.Also shell prawns with tail remained intact.Keep shells.

2)In a stock pot, heat oil, stir fry shallots,add prawn-shells .Fry till shells are deep orange or when fragrant.Add brown sugar and dried anchovies and continue frying for the next 4mins,or till fragrant.

3)Add, garlic lastly, & continue stir frying for about another 3 mins.

4) Add water to the mixture in the pot, bring it up to a full  boil,add in star anise, peppercorns & dark soy sauce.Mix all ingredients well during boiling period.Add pork in to simmer together.

5) Turn fire down to let it simmer for the next two hours or so, or as long as you wish. I did mine for 2 hours.

6) bring it back to a harsh boil if you want to end the process of simmering for about 5 mins.

7) Filter out every shells and anchovies to make soup clear about 10 mins before serving.

8) In another pot of boiling water, blanched yellow noodles, kangkong ,prawns and beans sprouts.

9) Add soup, serve.

Well this is how it looked like when everything is stirfrying together in a pot. 

 Last picture for your viewing pleasure :p hahaha

And look, the new trailer for bosses say is out. So stay tune for the full episode releasing tomorrow,17 June 2013 on youtube!
Heres the trailer!
You can head to my faceook page -
Or NIght Owl cinematics on youtube to watch it!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Felicia ong


No ,not true, im just bullshitting. ha ha. opps.
Ahhh after having a bad sore eye over the last weekend, it made me look like this. Well, been sick the following week after that. & see my barely there eyebrows without any make up. So any of you have got good beauty parlours or those who have done before, to do some cloning to my brows, please intro/recommend me, or you wna see me browless for the rest of my life, also can la. Natural still the best, right?
No, i still want some eyebrows. haha.

TGIF today. Hope yall having fun! :}

Monday, 3 June 2013

Title is title

Well well well. 
Night Owl Cinematic had a shoot last Saturday at South Bank,a client's place. But we N.O.C shot something for ourselves too! And for your eyes to feast.

Here are all the photos taken behind the scenes before the shoot. All those prep works and make up done, it was more relaxing because we had tables chairs a nice place to relax rather then our other shoots moving from a place to another. heh.

There is Clara, helping us with our makeup making us look stunning during shoots! Wish i could do such make up in my everyday life, way too pro,hah.
Look at the mess all of us created. There were some photoshoots of models going on at the same time too. 

Heres our Hokkien man, Mr Wong and those three models. Ahh lucky man. 

Sikeen is back with us again! 
Here the trio Sikeen Nina And Mr Wong!

Well, I met Ziyi thereLeft in orange, if you're wondering who she is, shes my team mate, we used to skate together. 
And DanKhoo, a producer/director of Dankhoo Productions on Youtube, from Malaysia. Hes been in Singapore for a month now to have collabs with Singapore youtubers. And yea me in the middle halfway munching thru my snack.

 Here is our dear clara also known as dblchin on facebook,aka our MUA, acting as Carisma , as a Filipino maid whose bf left her. hahaha!This maid got purple hair,stylo much. 

Mr Husband and wife, Producer director for NOC! 

Lastly, the most priceless photos of the day. Who is sexier? Sikeen or Nina? Mwahahah, The rest of the photos can be found at

Well, those are the pictures for an upcoming video in the future.So if you wna see how singaporeans are like in singapore, stay tune for our next video!

Make up :
Wardrobe sponsored  :
Dankhoo Productions :
Night Owl Cinematics :
Photographer :

Meanwhile, watch this, our latest!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Claypot Rice

Hi ,new blog!
Actually, i have always loved blogging, just that my English sucks so i don't have the confidence to blog.haha.
Alright, I'll make this first post good, i hope.

Like the title mentioned, Im gna teach you how to make Singapore Claypot Rice aka "Sar Po Fun" . 

Firstly, here are the list of ingredients to get a hold of before you start.
Get your mise'en place ready!

Claypot rice

Chicken stock Or Water (Optional, you can use Maggie or another brands of instant stock too)
For me personally, I make my own stock.Scroll down for recipe.

150gm   Jasmine rice
10gms   Dried Salted fish (Thin slices)
40gms   Chinese dried Pork sausage Aka "Lap Cheong" (Thin slices)
100gm   Chicken Thigh (Diced it into cubes) (You can use any parts of the chicken you like)

10gm     Ginger (sliced)
1no       Garlic (chopped )

2no       Shitake Mushrooms
Dark soy sauce
Sesame Oil
Salt to taste

Spring Onions
Xiao Bai Chye Vegetable (optional)

Marinate the Chicken Thigh Cubes
Oyster sauce 
Dark Soya Sauce
White pepper Powder 
Sugar(Optional )
sesame oil (optional )

Basic Chicken stock
Chicken Bones
Spring onions (white part)

Blanched bones in boiling water for a min or two to remove impurities.
Take out,boil it in water with other ingredients for about 40 mins or it can go up to 2 hours.

Like i said, you can use this.haha

Marinate chicken, set aside for 30mins or more
Soak rice in water for at least 15 mins before use.
In Claypot, stir fry Chinese sausage until cooked, remove,set aside.
Same pot, use the same oil to fry dried salted fish until crispy
Season Claypot and add oil
Stir fry ginger and garlic until fragrant.
Add in chicken and stir till it has color
Add mushroom/ rice in and stir for about a 30 secs,add stock/water into it. Let it boil up then turn it down to simmer and cover it for at lease 20mins ,or until almost dried up,indications rice is cooked.


At the end of everything, you can turn the fire up to crust the base of the rice, but be very careful not to burnt it,very easily burnt. 
Add soy sauce in ,mix well, add your blanched vegetables,salted fish and pork sausages.
Garnish it with spring onions.
Salt to taste ,sesame oil to taste.

Serves : 2 

Okay I apologized for the  messy dirty edge of the pot, yea i should have cleaned it before snapping a photo of it.hahahah! If only i knew how to use Photoshop :p
This is a very summarized version.Hope it helps (:

Before i leave here is a video Dankhoo productions and Night Owl Cinematic made,i had a small role to play in it as Ga-in :}

Okay chaos! 

Friday, 17 May 2013


Felicia Ong

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