Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Claypot Rice

Hi ,new blog!
Actually, i have always loved blogging, just that my English sucks so i don't have the confidence to blog.haha.
Alright, I'll make this first post good, i hope.

Like the title mentioned, Im gna teach you how to make Singapore Claypot Rice aka "Sar Po Fun" . 

Firstly, here are the list of ingredients to get a hold of before you start.
Get your mise'en place ready!

Claypot rice

Chicken stock Or Water (Optional, you can use Maggie or another brands of instant stock too)
For me personally, I make my own stock.Scroll down for recipe.

150gm   Jasmine rice
10gms   Dried Salted fish (Thin slices)
40gms   Chinese dried Pork sausage Aka "Lap Cheong" (Thin slices)
100gm   Chicken Thigh (Diced it into cubes) (You can use any parts of the chicken you like)

10gm     Ginger (sliced)
1no       Garlic (chopped )

2no       Shitake Mushrooms
Dark soy sauce
Sesame Oil
Salt to taste

Spring Onions
Xiao Bai Chye Vegetable (optional)

Marinate the Chicken Thigh Cubes
Oyster sauce 
Dark Soya Sauce
White pepper Powder 
Sugar(Optional )
sesame oil (optional )

Basic Chicken stock
Chicken Bones
Spring onions (white part)

Blanched bones in boiling water for a min or two to remove impurities.
Take out,boil it in water with other ingredients for about 40 mins or it can go up to 2 hours.

Like i said, you can use this.haha

Marinate chicken, set aside for 30mins or more
Soak rice in water for at least 15 mins before use.
In Claypot, stir fry Chinese sausage until cooked, remove,set aside.
Same pot, use the same oil to fry dried salted fish until crispy
Season Claypot and add oil
Stir fry ginger and garlic until fragrant.
Add in chicken and stir till it has color
Add mushroom/ rice in and stir for about a 30 secs,add stock/water into it. Let it boil up then turn it down to simmer and cover it for at lease 20mins ,or until almost dried up,indications rice is cooked.


At the end of everything, you can turn the fire up to crust the base of the rice, but be very careful not to burnt it,very easily burnt. 
Add soy sauce in ,mix well, add your blanched vegetables,salted fish and pork sausages.
Garnish it with spring onions.
Salt to taste ,sesame oil to taste.

Serves : 2 

Okay I apologized for the  messy dirty edge of the pot, yea i should have cleaned it before snapping a photo of it.hahahah! If only i knew how to use Photoshop :p
This is a very summarized version.Hope it helps (:

Before i leave here is a video Dankhoo productions and Night Owl Cinematic made,i had a small role to play in it as Ga-in :}

Okay chaos! 


  1. Shouldn't have clicked the link from FB cause the claypot rice looks so good that I'm hungry now at this time of the night!

  2. Looks "easy". Gonna try it over the weekend. Got to get a claypot first though.

    Keep more recipes coming!

    1. Actually it is quite, thats why i chose to post this first. Do watch out for the fire thou! good luck (:

  3. yummy now wan to find good claypot rice also hard to find liao..

    PS: u look good in the new pic with specs

    1. Yes hard to find.theres a good one at amk thou. And thanks for your kind words :p contact lens and are a hassle thou haha

  4. Hmm, looks delicious Felicia, the photos are great. I want to try it but can't get the ingredients over here in England. More recipes please!